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Safari Lodges

Accommodations in Garamba National Park

Accommodation  in garamba national park congo is not popular and according to our travel experience accommodations ranges from campsites, safari lodges, hotels and guesthouse.

The most recommended lodge is located in garamba national park , its the only safari lodge that is eco friendly , near the rivers and in the deep jungles of congo.

Campsite accommodation is also available for the budget travelers and Camping is done at the park.

Garamba Safari Lodge:

Guests at Garamba are invited to stay at Garamba Lodge, which overlooks the Dungu River and is likely the most beautiful and luxurious property in all of the DRC. The luxury camp comprises ten immaculate chalets and an impressive central lodge building and restaurant.

The lodge, which boasts some of the most lavish and attractive tourist facilities in Central Africa, was inaugurated in May last year. It features ten double bungalows, a well-appointed restaurant and  the  aforementioned  veranda,  on which  you  can  relax  on  comfortable sofas and listen to the hippos honking in the Dungu River below

Rooms in the new Garamba Guest Lodge start at USD $80 per person per night.