Welcome to Garamba National Park-Authentic Guide

Getting There

Getting to Garamba National Park

Getting to Garamba by vehicle can be challenging, especially during the wet season (May to December), when roads are completely drenched.The easiest approach to the park is through Uganda, although you will still be forced to traverse 200km of truly awful roads on this route.

Be warned: only those in search of a real off-road adventure should attempt it. The trip – via Faradje and onto Nagero on the park’s southern boundary –can take anything from a day to a week, depending on road and weather conditions. Don’t underestimate the challenges posed by traveling by road to Garamba. You are strongly advised to seek out the latest information on the route before departing.

Garamba National park has various routes and roads to enable us access the Park in congo for the Wildlife safaris, Falls & Forest Elephants.

By Road:

Garamba National Park can be accessed through various routes on roads however the routes are not clear, Check on the Road conditions before you travel and adventure the beauty of Democratic republic of congo.

From Uganda: You can drive through Aura and continue to cross the border to Congo, the Road from kampala to Aura is well paved but once you cross , the road is rough and it requires a 4×4 Safari Jeep , it has a lot of Road blocks and many other complications involves.

From South Sudan: Garamba is within driving distance of Juba, the capital of South Sudan. At present, Garamba national park does not advise getting to Garamba via South Sudan. It is also possible to drive from Virunga to Garamba, but conditions are very rough, and the drive is estimated at over 10 hours and not advisable.

By Air:

The easiest option from the UK/ Europe/ America is to fly to Entebbe in Uganda and travel to Arua in the country’s far northwest,and later you will cross to congo and take a 10 minutes drive to the destination where you can take a Domestic flight to Garamba National Park or the short flight to the all-weather airstrip at Nagero.


There are no commercial flights from Kinshasa. Qwikflight, offers flights from Kinshasa to Beni and to Dungu, which is not too far from Garamba. They also provide helicopter flights, for those looking to do aerial filming or who may wish to land even closer than an airstrip can provide.

Garamba National Park is reached most easily during the dry season, from late December to early May. Large tracts of the park are also burned during March and April. The short, green grass during this time provides ideal conditions for viewing wildlife. find out when to visit.